SMATh World

SMATh Genesis

The essence of SMATh World and the art behind Team SMATh, the SMATh Genesis collection. These unique VIP Membership tokens will be the key to navigating Team SMATh’s efforts into the vast world of NFTs.
The SMATh Genesis collection will be hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, through 1/1 unique [email protected] (Supply will not exceed 100)
Every Friday, Team SMATh holds an auction through Opensea. It starts at 2pm and lasts a full 24 hours, until Saturday 2pm. The bid price starts at 0.5 ETH, and the highest bidder will be auctioned off.
To this date, 19 SMATh Genesis tokens have been auctioned with an average sale price of 4 ETH.
19 on Ethereum mainnet, 1 on Klaytn mainnet. total 20
The Genesis holders exclusive benefits such as;
Automatic WL for all upcoming Team SMATh projects. Free minting opportunities for subsequent generative art projects & other collaboration opportunities. (0 eth + gas fee) Special Airdrops unique to Genesis Holders True IP - Genesis NFT can engage in commercial activities utilizing their unique 1/1 Genesis NFT images. The IP rights & benefits will be transferred along to the buyer when the NFT transaction is completed.
In development;
As tokenomics & gamification of SMATh World develops, additional benefits can be included to Gensis holders.


The highest rank respectively of the 4 unique characters in SMATh World, SMATh Genesis are the top tier membership to Team SMATh’s developments. Each token is carefully crafted to possess different qualities & traits from other SMATh world’s characters. A true 1/1 that sits at the top of SMATh World.
Rumor has it that the Genesis collection can lead their own clans in the SMATh World.
SMATh Genesis #1
SMATh Genesis #16