SMATh World

Our Team

Artist - SMATh

  • SMATh, the art team of Team SMATh, consists of five NFT-specialized 3D artists including Deanneema, MYGX, Dayglow, snowland, and MaZe. These artists combine fine arts and 3D technology to create works with SMATh’s distinctive and unique styles as well as the universe.
  • The artists of Team SMATh do not reveal their appearance, name or identity of the physical world. The purpose of this is for each of these famous artists to create SMATh’s distinctive identity and the universe as a team, rather than stressing their original features. The confidence in the art team will be displayed through artwork.
  • The previous works done by the art team includes; Samsung, Hyundai, Pringles, MBC, KBS, SBS, YTN, tvN, CJ E&M, SM Ent., Lotte Cinema, CGV, Chanel, Lancôme, MCM, Staatstheater Braunschweig (of Germany) & multiple leading theaters in Europe, Pandora Film & domestic and foreign film companies, Seoul City, Incheon Int’ Airport, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power(KHNP) Central Research Institute , Korea Aerospace Industries, Korea Land & Housing Corporation.

Developer - MetaCode

  • The decentralization of the blockchain, and the attacks from bots or hackers abusing anonymity are becoming more sophisticated. Therefore, one of the most important tasks is to properly protect the attacks of bots and hackers, and secure the solid security of the project.
  • MetaCode, the developer team of Team SMATh, is a development company specialized in blockchain was established in 2018, and provides MetaCode Wallet, which is a cryptocurrency wallet. In addition, they possess various technologies such as DeFi, NFT Market, NFT Staking, and through this, they support the realization of tokenomics of metaverse projects.
  • MetaCode Wallet fundamentally prevents the usage of bots or hackings by applying facial recognition security technology. It can also fundamentally block the abuse through bots by adopting facial recognition technology even during NFT minting.
  • Responsible for developing NFT contracts and minting websites issued by Team SMATh.


  • Team SMATh believes it takes expertise in a variety of industries beyond production to build solid projects and sustainably operate them. Therefore, we are taking systematic advice from experts with extensive experience in legal, business, partnerships, and accounting from the beginning of the project.