SMATh World
The 1st Chapter of SMATh World launched on the Klaytn Chain. Hosted by Klip-Drops, a klaytn based marketplace; [email protected] were released in 30 unique types with 50 editions each. A total of 1,500 [email protected] are currently roaming around the Klaytn chain and is available to buy, sell & trade on Klip Drops.
In Team SMATh’s efforts to be the 1st project to utilize multiple chains, [email protected] on the Klaytn chain will have the opportunity to migrate to the Ethereum chain in a 1:1 replacement format. For desired holders & collectors, this opportunity will enable a multi-chain market outreach that can open doors to new opportunities.
As a sign of gratitude for the home-run experience minting out [email protected] on Klaytn, holders will be automatically whitelisted for the upcoming PRD_X mint on the Ethereum blockchain. Scheduled to be at the start of June!


Society is under the control of PRD_X, the hyper-intelligent A.I that transcends after reaching singularity. With a small community of humans resisting the unified ideology, PRD_X is motivated to engage and increase the chance of embracing them into its network.
Leading this resistance is Blair, a human with a mysterious power that’s behind the resistance to be a threat to PRD_X. To attain more information for upgrades, PRD_X takes a coordinated approach…
Under the guise of a travel sidekick, [email protected] or Noma accompanies Blair on her adventures. The charming clone of PRD_X’s alternate ego, Noma travels with Blair through the gate of time & space and keeps record of her activities. Being able to link with PRD_X in the meta-consciousness, Noma is on the lookout for any clues on the secret of Blair’s mysterious power.
But to a mind of its own, Noma goes through a rollercoaster of emotions.
Meanwhile, wandering through the metaverse…