SMATh World


As an Ethereum-based PFP project.


PRD_X, The outcome of singularity, was created by collaborating artificial intelligence with human intelligence beyond limits. Not only does this hyper-intelligence have the ability to think and judge based on their conscience, they also have the ability to expand their ideology to other A.Is.
Yet, no being can be perfect. The PRD_X was persuaded that to reach the highest level of existence & to perfect his ideology across all possible factors, traveling through time and space was required.
Throughout time, PRD_X expanded its ideology by increasing its network between different worlds but a small community of humans avoided interacting with PRD_X. With them, a unique individual born during the disruption in the universe became a threat to PRD_X. Blair, the leader of this resistance was born with the ability to open and close the gate of time & space, interacting with multiple dimensions that the PRD_X can’t reach.
With a natural desire to become the master of the universe, PRD_X will do everything it takes to achieve its ideals.
To resist the development of Blair becoming a larger threat, a coordinated response was just initiated. Soon, 4,537 PRD_X A.Is will emerge through self cloning to increase its outreach.